Friday, April 22, 2011

Linchpin - Seth Godin

Many books claim to be able to change your life.
How about one that simply proves to you....

That you're NOT crazy.

Is this you?:
Problem solver in your office?
Creativity bothering those above you?
Awesome after work to not upset others
Feel like a freak because you ask questions?
Coworkers think you're stupid for working so hard
Want every ounce of effort to = progress

This book is going to make yo
u feel like someone actually understands you. Like you were adopted and didn't know it and now here, are your real parents

Seth Godin,
one of the world's best agitators,

Explains how our t
hree brains
( lizard, mammal and post-mammal)
can hold us back, or empower
(what is the lizard brain?)

Our entire 'system' of school, study and work is based on a broken model of success. It shouldn't take good old Lucy to show us how the assembly line makes no sense

Those running the show have no idea how to get results in a
2.0 world

But you knew that didn't you?

This book will give you some great ideas on what you can do about it in your life.

I gather linchpins in my networ
k, we met up in 2010 with great results
I seek them and together we are shipping results for ourselves and others.

A big thanks to Promod Sharma who introduced me to this book at a critical time.
Since then it has helped me understand what I need to do to change my own damn life.

I know you are frustrated, this book will help.

So get ready to find your power and fight mediocrity
As for you mediocrity I have just one prediction for your future...

Average is dead. Long live the Linchpin

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Managing - Henry Mintzberg

Everyone knows the answer to the question.
"what is the meaning of life" ( 42, duh )

But what is the QUESTION!? Elusive.

Let me preface this post by saying, I'm no management smartypants,
no MBA application here, frankly I'm not that smart.
I'm just one of the monkeys with a bone trying by God and man to achieve results

No one is a prophet in his own home.
That's why of course I read about "Canadian Management Guru" Henry Mintzberg
in a list of Management Experts
by McKinsey

Just finished his most recent book.

Which is good because six others came in from the library and this is the only one I can get through.
I just can't get through books that are all text wall to wall.
I'm not one of the sleepless elite.

First pitch and Mintzberg knocked it out of the park.
He proposed the ONE question:


I asked several
hundred of my business mentors this week.
Not even 10% got a verbal primer, talking to or training.

Not even 2% of my non-profit leaders got anyth
ing at all.

Do a little online research and you'll find most tips on becoming a manager are about how to wear a suit, talk to the boss, navigate politics and get ahead.

This book was of value because of Mintzberg and his multigenerational experience
I loved this book because of two little things:

1) He
bolds key ideas and phrases to help non-MBA's get the picture
2) He references about 100 of the top management thinkers of the past 60 years
And yet he remains rooted in the very front line of the bloody battles fought today.

Who can quote from 1916, speak from the book of Drucker and comment on the internet?!

He will call out every problem you face. I won't tell you he'll solve it
but you'll understand the roots of it and ways for you to solve it yourself.

Also the concept of following around 29 business leaders for the day

to actually learn from how they
really walk their talk.
Sorry Mr. Mintzberg, he hates the term "leadership"
Which is great because he chose CEO's, Presidents and for profit Directors
as well as Not for Profit leadership and Government bureaucrats

Ended up in its' own website, 29 Days of Managing

And here's the kicker

At the end of the book are four full summaries of these days.

Just gold. I'd summarize more goodies but there's too many.
Too many notes, golden nuggets.

There are days of reflecting on the ideas he put forth

Best seller, winner of multiple awar
ds if you're a student of the ACT of managing and not just the title - this is a must read.
I wish there was an audio book though.

I wish that those who promote would actually ask the question: "Are you ready to lead, coach, teach, think, strategize, question, decide and act?"
before bestowing this title.
Until then, we'll always have Henry.

Thanks Report on Business TV for this great interview on the book:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to become a Rainmaker

This is not a fetish thing.
But sometimes...I like to get slapped in the face.

When admin piles up on me, when people are debating useless facts and the concept of reality.
When meetings waste my time..
A whack in the head clears things up real well...

The author knows that rainmakers are also road warriors.
I listened to this 2 disc set on the road during an afternoon/evening set of meetings in 4 cities. And boy was it a useful way to spend my drive!

Here's why it will be worth your time:

First off, I appreciate Jeff ( can I call you Jeff? ) that you included "fundraisers" in the rainmaker category. Clients / donors are interchangeable in this book so no excuses you nonprofit types!

I have been in the business of "client service", "sales / fund raising" for over a decade. I'd like to think I'm pretty good at prospecting and "the visit".

So much here I took for granted or never really thought about!

Loved his 40 second tip on how to GET the meeting.
Something that so many sales people are forced to learn on their own.
Learn how to book more meetings.

Shocked me to the core with what seat you should take for a business meeting.
The best seat?! I've literally been doing it wrong the whole time.
Learn why you need to take that seat.

Coffee can kill a sales call?!?! Say it ain't so Jeff!

Finally a great rant on lunch meetings I can share with young professionals I teach.
They need to hear it from a hard nosed sales guy - you are not there to eat lunch
20 tips on how to close more business over food.

This is gold: How to turn objections....into client objectives.
And let them teach you how to sell them.
5 tips on how to turn a flaming car wreck of a meeting around!

I know you expect this to be slimy sales talk but he really nails it with authenticity
...."for rainmakers...Manners matter".

Do you recognize your client/donor's "buy" signals?
You will now.

Why breaking the ice can kill your client meeting.
I have been in meetings where small talk derailed the only shot at the sale/gift.

The whole damn book is worth this one item:
How to ROCK and RULE voicemail?! 14 steps, I do 5 at best.
If I do even 2 more it will help me do better for my clients/donors.

Ugh. I listened to a chapter called "park at the back" right after I had parked right in front of the front window. Everything he said, I had JUST done. That was a nice feeling.

I'm with you Jeff. The breakkie meeting beats all.
10 reasons why breakfast will make you more money.

He calls man of his questions the "killer sales questions"
but the final one. Yes, it is the killerest of them all.
I'm damn good at what I do and I never knew how to use this question well.
I'll know now!

There was a ruthless VP I knew who used to say,
the number one client rep is only number one because of the numbers. Period.
Don't talk to me about anything else than what you've got in hand.
And I really loved that. This book is in this spirit. Do or do not, there is no try.

There are books that are professional development
There are books that help you close better
There are books that make you CASH MONEY.

This book is behind door number 3.

Home run Jeff.