Monday, November 5, 2012

My Top Books for Business Networking 2012

networking2012Almost one year ago, I shared my top books of 2011 and it continues to be my most popular blog post, read and shared by thousands world-wide.

We’re heading into 2013, so it is high time to update this list! An important note, please click on book or title as I have written a separate post for many of the books. Enjoy, again please share!

Even I’m surprised to report that no one has knocked the #1 book off it’s workthepontperch! Work the Pond is still in the top of the Canadian business book list ten years after it was published. Why? It’s still the most readable, the most approachable to all ages, career types and the science of networking is something people really appreciate reading about. It continues to be the one book I personally feel anyone can pick up, get through and feel they have learned from. I have given away dozens of copies and personally own over 25 copies myself. They float in and out of my life on a monthly basis in my coaching and mentoring.

bizcards2Coming in at number two is a 2012 supersized republished edition of Business Cards to Business Relationships! I’m so glad that Allison Graham the author of this book chose to rework and republish this book. It focuses not just on connecting but “building a profitable network”. It’s the “must-read” for the business set and the ultimate gift for the b-school graduate or career minded peer in your life.

Making a NEW appearance on this list is the “LinkedIn Log”. I’ve been an lilogenthusiast of LinkedIn for quite some time now. But in 2013 it will no longer be a secret handshake, it has moved into the mainstream and career minded professionals of any sector can’t ignore this digital rolodex any more. This tiny little workbook ( not a textbook you actually fill it out ) is as small as a passport and can be filled out at a Starbucks in 20 minutes! Then, with confidence that you’re representing yourself in your own works, you create/update and upload your new profile.

Anquite-bookother new edition but familiar topic is the world of the “Introvert” or as I feel they should be called “thinkers”. Susan Cain’s book has rocked the free world. Her TED talk was one of the fasted viewed in the history of TED and she has been featured in almost every business media in the Western world ( check out this digital scrapbook I’ve made of her articles and videos ). If you are one or work with a thinker this is a MUST read, and a fascinating one too!

rainmakingMoving up a notch to number 5 is Mark Maria’s book on “rainmaking”. There will never be a slow down in lawyers, financial planners, insurance professionals and accountants in this world. They need a special book on bringing in business and no one can hold a candle to Maria’s methodical strategy.

keithAt #6 one of the most read books on networking in the world continues to be Keith Ferrazzi’s “Never Eat Alone” and his follow uwhosegotyourbackp book, the less intense but more authentic “Who’s got your back”. There aren’t many books I would call an “enjoyable read” but that’s still Ferazzi’s strength. I have grown so much more respect for one of the concepts he continues to champion, growing your own personal board of directors.

Burgundy red hardback book (XL)#7 moves out of the honourable mentions into the spotlight because it too has been republished and reworked to add way more value. Mark Bowden’s “Winning Body Language for Sales” will give anyone more confidence in how they communicate nonverbally and out loud. I’ll remind readers it’s a book not just about sales but about the building of relationships in business. It will help you to be you best and most authentic self when under pressusan3sure.

#8, how could I not mention the author with her own library of susan1titles to choose from! Susan Roane is the international Queen of Connecting, the Mingling Maven. She has a book to help you at whatever stage of networking you need help with and was the first to mention the importance of a digital profile before anyone else on this list.

My last book is an unconventional but important read for 2013. I have nounmarketing_book interest in the “social” side of social media. Social business is what I want to know more about. And no one has captured the “why” of social business like Scott Stratten in his book “UnMarketing” ( and if you want to know more about the “how” pick up his latest book, “The Book of Business Awesome/UnAwesome” )

My bookshelf on networking tops more than 75 now, I’ve had to put down so many in disappointment. But! There are several I have to mention because as they aren’t strictly about networking they continue to be the BEST books on the mechanics of human connection. When people ask me about the best of the best in my networking library, it is not complete without these five books:

  1. Fascinate by Sally Hogshead
  2. Convince them in 90 Seconds by Nicholas Boothman
  3. Turn Small Talk Into Big Deals by Don Gabor
  4. Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki
  5. The Connectors by Maribeth Kuzmeski

socialmediaThank you for visiting and sharing this post with others in your network via Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and whatever new medium comes our way in 2013! Please add your favourites to the comments section below!

Connecting is my personal passion. I’m always at your service,

Paul Nazareth


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  1. Thanks for this list, Paul. There's also something to be said for learning by doing.

    Here's an unconventional addition to the list from Frank Portnoy, Wait: The Art and Science of Delay. I spend most of the time giving. That means listening, asking questions and suggesting ways they can help themselves.

    I wait to speak since I can then tailor my message to them.

  2. Thank you Paul,
    Excellent may want to try Steven Sample's Contrarian Leadership too....great read.

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