Sunday, June 12, 2011

Management, It's not what you think! Henry Mintzberg

Mintzberg is held by many to be a business icon for the current generation.

This is a small book,
but you'll enjoy it
in the same way a glass scotch, port, fine wine etc.. is smaller than a pint of beer.

Mintzberg isn't a theori
he's a management me

In this book he stewards you through a number of essays and position papers that are fun to read but still practical.

Digestible bites o
f 1000 to 1500 words max.

This book is the ultimate to take on a plan, train or bus ride (or private jet/yacht/top of a mountain and other "leadership" cliches)
- it will leave you productive but pensive.

Other management writers lose me quickly,
Mintzberg on the other hand d
escribes my day in every book:

The lack of time, the challenge of work Vs. staff issues, the issue of vision Vs. strategy and results Vs. productivity

If you view management as a career more than just a job title...

Read this book, you will enjoy it.

I leave you with 14 minutes and 22 seconds of Henry at Tedx McGill

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