Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crucial Conversations

Feb, 2010

Crucial Conversations:Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High

FINALLY a book about real life situations.

"Negotiating" books are very popular
I can name you a dozen titles recommended to me.
Great bedtime reading. Most are useless you are a CEO.

But this book is all about (don't be fooled by the "stakes are high" phrase in the title) those every-day critical conversations that affect your day, week, month, job, life and relationships at work and home.

I'm talking hallway talk, return from weekend talk, start of the meeting talk, walking to elevator talk, ambushed by boss talk, ambushed by spouse coming in the door talk - Wow it was short and powerful.

A surprisingly quick read with razor sharp concepts you can understand.

Are you being pushed at the office/home from the top, the sides and from below?

Read this book sooooon! A powerful weapon for peace at work and home.

Only problem, after reading this book I put every title by the authors on hold at the library. Each one is a "must read" and I refer them

A good follow up to this book for managers is "Crucial Confrontations"
If you're a LinkedIn or networking fan you'll need to read "Influencer"

Seems each of these titles are on the reading lists of over 60% of my network.
Let me know if you want the titles.

Until then, enjoy these helpful tips from the authors..


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